Terms & Conditions

The Miya's Tales brand works in a serious and professional manner, and intends to maintain a clear and transparent relationship with all its customers. Here are described our terms and conditions, where you can consult all relevant information regarding the use of the Miya's Tales website and our services:

1) Privacy Policy

I) Cookies
The Miya's Tales website uses cookies to make the browsing experience more enjoyable and comfortable by allowing information to be transmitted to your computer or mobile device. This is completely safe information and includes personal data, preferences and even passwords. That way, every time you visit our website, it can be automatically recognized, and keep your shopping preferences and contents accessible between visits. However, if you prefer, you can disable the use of cookies on your computer and they will be blocked, which may cause some of the site's features to be limited.

II) Personal data
All personal data provided through our website (including names, addresses, contacts or other) is protected and are intended solely for the processing of mandatory documentation in transactions (billing, etc.), internal statistics operations and presentation of new products or promotional actions (newsletters). Miya's Tales undertakes not to disclose any personal data to third parties, but cannot be held liable in the event of an external illegal action (computer attack). Although the personal data collected is intended to improve the user experience on our website, it may be rectified or deleted at any time if the user so desires.

III) Commercial documentation
Like as personal data, all documentation resulting from any transaction made on our website is protected, being used only for its intended purpose (legal and fiscal obligations), and is in no way provided to third parties or made public domain.

IV) Payments
All payments made through our website are completely secure, including credit card data or other payment methods, and the entire process is provided by an independent entity that manages all transactions using secure encrypted servers.

2) Website

I) Access
By accessing our website and using its resources, the user is accepting the rules set forth herein and agree to use all information made available in a responsible manner only for the purpose for which it was intended, without prejudice to the Miya's brand Tales or third parties. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the applicable rules, which are updated whenever justified, considering that the user takes notice of them on their own initiative, and is therefore bound to respect them.
The user understand that personal information is collected in the course of the use of our website, whether on voluntary registration or in automatic data collection, in particular information about your access (IP data or other). The user undertakes to provide true and updated data (including their identification), and it is the user responsibility to keep his login data (username and password) private and secure, and all acts performed on his behalf will be charged to the registered user.

II) Conduct and responsible use
The user is prohibited from accessing (even if in an attempted manner) features or information on our website, other than those made available on a voluntary basis. The user is prohibited from trying to interfere in the content or the server of our website (in any form), which constitutes an illegal access, and a crime contemplated in the Portuguese law. The copy, reproduction or sale of any information contained in our website is prohibited, and the user will be responsible not only for the act but for the damages resulting from the action.
These rules also apply to any and all forms of publication (such as blogs, forums, chats, reviews, and others), where the user has direct interference, and is not allowed to use these forms of publication abusively, offensive in both language and actions, including threats, intimidation, defamation, fraud, racism, copyright infringement, among others. The user is expected to have a socially accepted, ethical behavior and to follow the good general user practices required by common sense. Miya's Tales reserves the right to censor or remove any improper publication in any of the above mentioned media.

3) Seller

I) Legal
The domain miyastales.com is owned and is managed by Miya's Tales brand, which operates legally in accordance with the fiscal rules of the country where it is registered, Portugal. It complies with all legal obligations to which it is subject and consequently its customers are subject to the same rules (namely to the payment of taxes defined by law).

II) Trademark and Copyright
The Miya's Tales brand is registered and protected by law, and its reproduction or modification without authorization is strictly forbidden, regardless of the intended use. Miya's Tales cannot be held liable if its trademark is used unlawfully by third parties, regardless of the way it is used.

4) Products

I) Quality
All the products manufactured by Miya's Tales brand are produced in order to present the quality expected by our customers. However, their production is handcrafted in much of the process, and this implies slight differences in the presentation of each item (in terms of finish, hue and dimensions). This does not mean that it is a defective product. The photographs displayed on our website are illustrative, and may differ slightly from the product shipped.

II) Materials
Miya's Tales only uses superior quality materials in its products, of recognized origin and sustainable production. We strive to work with certified suppliers who meet all environmental standards and follow ethically correct commercial and social policies.

5) Orders

I) Procedure
The user may purchase any product that is for sale directly through our website or through alternative means such as our newsletter and possibly by third parties with whom Miya's Tales can create a partnership, and set the amount you want (depending on the existing stock), using the virtual shopping basket. The use of this process is not binding until the final confirmation of the purchase (checkout).

II) Commitment
By completing the purchase process on our website, the user accepts all the conditions contained in this document and agrees with the price and characteristics of the product, as described. It undertakes to provide true data and to act in good faith in the course of the process. Miya's Tales will in turn fulfill all of its obligations, and will initiate the ordering process immediately upon confirmation of payment.

III) Validity
The order and the resulting commercial process has the same validity as a purchase in a physical store, and is therefore treated by Miya's Tales as such throughout its course, including delivery and billing. In addition to the ordered items, the invoice of the purchase will be included inside the package. All data contained in the invoice will be the responsibility of the customer, and in case of inaccuracies, after its issuance will no longer be possible to correct it.

6) Shipping

I) Service
Normally, all orders placed on our website are dispatched through the standard postal service. If the customer wishes, he can choose the shipping through priority mail in order to benefit from shorter delivery times. In this case all additional expenses will be the responsibility of the client. All orders placed from March 14, 2021, will be sent via CTT carrier, the previous options cease to exist. (For Portugal Islands - Azores and Madeira, shipments will be by registered mail).

II) Shipping outside the EU
Miya's Tales makes shipments to any part of the world, although there are shipping restrictions for certain countries, and specific costs involved. Shipment to countries outside the EU may be subject to customs or other fees, factors to which Miya's Tales is extraneous, being the responsibility of the payment of these fees by the customer.

III) Processing times
All confirmed and paid orders, will be processed as soon as possible and shipped to their destination, using the postal service chosen by the customer. The estimated production time for each product is shown in the product descriptions. Exceptionally, for products with special characteristics (namely those presented in the category “Services”), or in case of stock outage, the production and subsequent shipping time will be subject to confirmation. After shipping, delivery time will depend on the post office / carrier service. Miya's Tales is not responsible for any delays in a service to which it is extraneous. However, in order to better serve the client, if there are obvious difficulties in meeting the expected average terms, we will always try to improve the service through viable alternatives.

IV) Problems
If there are difficulties of delivery by the postal service due to incorrect or omission of data related to the destination address, Miya's Tales will not be liable, even in case of loss of the package. In case it is not possible to make the delivery at the destination and it returns to our facilities, the customer will assume the expenses if he intends to reissue. Although Miya's Tales is very careful in the execution and packaging of the order, in case the packaging presents visible damage, the customer should report the situation to the delivery person, and in the latter case, refuse it. If you accept the order in these circumstances without any claim you are assuming that you are in compliance.

7) Stocks

I) All products displayed on our website are available in stock, unless otherwise expressly indicated. If by mistake no limitation of stock is indicated in the product sheet, and if it is not available, the customer will be informed as soon as possible. For customized products, the expected availability is subject to confirmation, and implies prior contact by the customer.

8) Prices

I) All prices shown on our website are presented in euros and include VAT. To the value of the items, will be added the shipping costs, being the total made available during the checkout process.

9) Discounts and promotions

I) Occasionally, Miya's Tales may offer certain discounts on sales prices, or carry out a promotional campaign directly on the website, by sending a newsletter or through an external action with a partner. All products covered by these discounts or promotions will have an indication as to the duration of the discounts. Only discounts or promotions for purchases made within the defined period of the campaign are valid, and the mere introduction of an item in the virtual shopping basket does not confer the right to discounts, after the deadline of the promotional campaign. If there is more than one promotion at the same time, and unless otherwise indicated, they are not cumulative, only allowing the customer to choose a single one.

10) Payments

I) In order to facilitate the payment of purchases by the customer, Miya's Tales offers several possible forms of payment. All payment methods are completely secure and managed by a dedicated independent entity. The customer has at his disposal the following methods: Credit Card, Paypal (You will be redirected to the Paypal website where you can complete the payment using your Paypal account or your credit card), Bank Transfer and Multibanco (only for Portugal - Entity and reference data provided to make the payment in any ATM terminal or through your Home Banking service, selecting the option "payment of services / purchases"). Note that only after confirmation of the payment will be processed and sent the order, the validity of which will have a period of 5 days (except for promotions that have their own validity stipulated), after which time the order will be considered void.

11) Warranties and Complaints

I) Miya's Tales products are manufactured, so each item is checked during the finishing process. This ensures that each item goes to the customer in perfect condition. However, if there is an anomaly that has not been detected in the production, you can contact us through our website or email, explaining the situation indicating the purchase and sending photographs of the product in question. Miya's Tales will endeavor to resolve any issue related to the nonconformity of its products. For all situations that are caused by incorrect use, even accidentally, and by natural wear and tear throughout the life of the product, Miya's Tales will not be entitled to any warranty. Product characteristics are specified in the product data sheets, and the customer's responsibility is to evaluate them in relation to the use to which the product is intended.

12) Returns and Exchanges

I) In case the client wishes to return an item, it has a period of 14 days from the receipt of the package to do so, having to contact Miya's Tales by email and state the situation. Never send any product to Miya's Tales without prior authorization. Any return sent with postage to pay or other expenses will be rejected. Information will be provided on how to return the product. The customer must keep the purchase documentation (invoice / receipt), and the item must be in perfect condition, as sold to him, without any signs of use. This rule applies equally to exchange situations for another item. In case of return of an item, the customer will be refunded in the value of the purchase price of the item, with the exception of the shipping costs, through the same payment method used, or if it is not possible, through another agreed payment method. A credit or voucher may also be issued in the amount in question, for later use, if the client so wishes. Miya's Tales reserves the right to make refunds only upon receipt of the items and their verification. Miya's Tales will not accept any return of customized products as directed by the customer, vouchers or items sent free of charge, as free gifts or offers. In the case of a product exchange (due to a mistake in the order or the customer intending a different product), the procedure will be similar, and a credit will be issued in the value of the returned item (with the exception of shipping costs), and the customer will have to place a new order. This credit will be available after receipt of the initial item and its verification, and the customer will bear the shipping costs resulting from the new order. No exchanges or returns are made of personalized items.

13) Newsletters subscriptions

I) In order to receive all the news first hand in your email, the client can subscribe to our newsletter service. It will allow to be sent information such as the launch of new products, exclusive promotions and other information regarding what is happening under the Miya's Tales brand. This service works only between Miya's Tales and its client, privately and securely, without the transmission of any personal data (including email addresses) to third parties. If the customer wishes, it may suspend the service and cancel the subscription at any time by notifying the Miya's Tales by email.

14) Gift card / vouchers 

I) The use of gift cards and vouchers at the same time is not possible, and this implies that the customer can only use a single code at the time of checkout. Obviously, the unused code will be available (at least until the end of its validity) for use in another purchase. All gift cards and vouchers are for single use, which means that after using your code, it will be deleted and any remaining credit (if any) will be void. This is due to obvious safety reasons, in order to avoid conflicts with possible duplication of codes, or improper use. It is up to the client to manage the application of the credit on the card at the time of purchase.