Customizable notebooks for BRANDS and EVENTS


A gift completely different from the others!

Original and unique, a personalized notebook can be a wonderful souvenir for your guests in a special occasion celebration, a promotional opportunity for your company or the key element in spreading a successful event.

With numerous possibilities of customization, with our notebooks you will achieve the image you want, elegant, exclusive and creative. Offer something that your guests or clients will not forget.

An original gift for a wedding, a friendly souvenir for customers or employees of your company, or a special detail for those who attend a social, sporting or cultural event, etc.

Make your item special:

Below you can choose from the various binding options available.
The cover can be customized as desired (print), and you can even add a written message on the first page.

Love this! Loved!

Costumize you notebook

Choose Binding

Choose the size

Cover personalization

Describe to us how you would like the cover of the notebook to be.
Describe everything you consider relevant, including graphics, colors, etc.
You can even send us an image similar to what you want, and we'll be able to help you define the final layout for your notebook.

Message on the first page

Write here the message you want to be printed on the first page of the notebook.
If you prefer not to use this option, please leave this space empty.


Because it is a custom job and created purposefully for a client, and in order to make the project economically viable, we can only carry out the work for quantities from 20 units.
Prices vary depending on the quantity you want, and that quotation is presented in our budget.

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